Commercial Drywall Estimating Course 

(Includes Taping, Metal Framing, Insulation and ACT)

90-Day Access - At Your Own Pace

This course comprises 31 distinct modules, each offering valuable insights. While our self-paced Commercial Painting estimating course is primarily designed for students with limited or no prior estimating experience, even seasoned estimators have found it to be a source of new knowledge. Many companies encourage their employees to enroll in this course as it serves as a valuable resource for acquiring the necessary skills to transition into an estimator role. It's important to note that successful completion of this course is particularly beneficial when students have a strong support system within their company.

Students will have a generous 90-day access period to the course and can engage with the instructor through messaging during this time.

Rest assured, your journey through this course is guided from start to finish, utilizing our proven Five Phases system for estimating. If you encounter any challenges, we offer continuous support through a personal messaging system. Additionally, you can connect with your instructor via phone, email, or live web meetings to address any questions or concerns, whether they are few or numerous.

It's worth mentioning that this class is tailored to accommodate one student exclusively, ensuring a personalized and focused learning experience.

what will you learn?

Your Course Includes

Plans and Specifications

How to interpret plans and specs.

How to discover details that are relevant.

How to perform a quality takeoff.

How to properly price a job.

How to check for bid accuracy.

From Field to Office

How to get everyone on the same page.

How to time workers on particular tasks.

How to adjust based on field feedback.

How to know when field production is off.

Man Days and Production Rates

How to apply proper production rates

How to figure man days

How to figure overhead and profit

How to figure worker wages and selling prices

How to price odd shaped objects

Wins and Losses

How to bid the proper jobs.

How to learn if a job isn’t right for you.

How to spot errors before your bid is submitted.

How to know if your win/lose ratio is off.

How to utilize and track historical data.

Who should take this course?

Although our self-paced Commercial drywall and metal framing estimating course is geared toward students who have little or no estimating experience, even experienced estimators have learned new things, by taking our courses. Many companies have their people take this course because it is a great way to get them the knowledge that they need in order to make a transition towards becoming an estimator. This course is better suited to the person who has a company support system once the course is complete.

What will you learn?

This intent of this course is to teach the fundamentals of print reading, takeoff and bid pricing procedures. All areas of Commercial drywall and metal framing estimating are covered in a quick paced but in depth, straightforward manner. This course is self-paced and may be taken at any time of day. You will learn how to use proven production rates, height factors, difficulty factors, surface factors. You’ll also learn how to price odd items, learn about man days, overhead, and more.

How will you benefit?

There are numerous benefits to taking this course. You will learn to feel if your bid price is right. You will begin to think like an estimator. You will start to spot errors that were once hidden by lack of knowledge. You will be able to spot bad jobs before you bid them. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this course is the peace of mind that you'll get. There is a huge difference between wondering if a bid is correct and knowing that it is.