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For over a century, the Carter family has been deeply involved in freelance estimating, particularly in drywall and painting. Originating with my grandfather in 1921, the tradition continued through my father's entry in 1957 and my start in 1979.

Joining my father in 1979, I learned the traditional, "old school" method of manual estimation, emphasizing precision and understanding of production rates. While we've transitioned to computer-assisted methods, our commitment to accuracy remains steadfast.

Across three generations, we've honed our expertise, providing accurate estimates and working with hundreds of contractors ranging from one man companies to companies with close to 3,000 workers.

The Carter School of Estimating began in 1976, the first and foremost estimating school for the finish trades, in North America. Initially focused on painting, we expanded into drywall, metal framing, insulation, and more under my father's guidance, even pioneering the first commercial estimating program for our industries.

It is with this acute attention to detail that we are able to deliver top quality estimating courses that are second to none and we've helped thousands of people just like you, learn the fine art of estimating.

Being a trusted company in the construction estimating world is your guarantee and promise, from us.

Harry Carter

Carter School of Estimating
My estimating courses cover material, man days, production rates, difficulty factors, overhead and a whole lot more! Call (603) 263-0345 or write harry@estimatingcourse.com today and I’ll change the way you think about a lot of things regarding estimating. Estimating is an art. I’d like to think of myself as a great artist when it comes to estimating. Let me bring out the estimating artist in you.
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