Snake Oil and Estimating – Beware!

The Carter School of Estimating has been teaching the fine art of construction estimating to the drywall and painting industries for almost a half century. One can only imagine what we have seen through the years as far as foolish estimating practices go.

There are so called professionals trying to convince people that commercial estimating is a “walk in the park”, “only takes a few minutes to learn”, “unit price estimating is a waste of time”, and on and on. If all of this nonsense were true, there wouldn’t be any companies looking for professional estimators, offering six figure salaries!

Don’t be fooled by these snake oil salesmen who only want to lock you into a lifetime plan that calls for way too many meetings, webinars and seminars, filled with silly and useless nonsense and empty promises.

The ONLY way to learn how to become a good to great painting or drywall estimator is to learn the business as it was meant to be learned. There is no magic bullet when it comes to knowing the many variables of commercial drywall estimating and painting estimating, but we will teach you the best methods in the shortest time possible, we promise.

Never before has there been more garbage floating around the internet from foolish people and companies, promising the world but delivering nothing but eventual heartache. And it is happening in all sectors. Try to picture a twenty-two year old person, offering ‘Life Coaching’ classes to someone who is older. You do get the picture, I’m sure.

Take it from us, the leaders in the business. We were and still are the best people to trust when it comes to learning commercial drywall and painting estimating.

Stop wasting your money on fool’s gold. Our classes teach more in 90 days than most teach in a lifetime. And remember… that once your class is done? We’re here to help answer any and every question that you may have, no charge, forever.

Harry Carter

Carter School of Estimating
My estimating courses cover material, man days, production rates, difficulty factors, overhead and a whole lot more! Call (603) 263-0345 or write today and I’ll change the way you think about a lot of things regarding estimating. Estimating is an art. I’d like to think of myself as a great artist when it comes to estimating. Let me bring out the estimating artist in you.
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