Winning isn’t the mission here

Winning jobs is not the ultimate mission here, and if it were, I could easily secure the next 20 jobs for you. However, the truth is that such an approach would not yield satisfactory results. A truly exceptional estimator’s primary goal is to deliver an accurate and excellent estimate, rather than focusing solely on winning.

A competent estimator understands that by excelling in their estimating abilities, the wins will naturally come. Boasting about wins is often a trait of less skilled estimators who fail to grasp that consistent victories would require continuously bidding lower than all competitors. And to achieve such consistent wins, they would inevitably have to compromise on profit, leaving money on the table. In this case, winning is losing.

The key to long-term success lies in prioritizing honed estimating skills, enabling the delivery of competitive yet profitable bids. This not only develops trust with clients but also ensures sustained growth and prosperity in the industry. So, it’s important to remember that winning jobs is not the sole mission; rather, it’s about striking the perfect balance between competitiveness and profitability through skillful estimation. By doing so, we can achieve lasting success and avoid the pitfalls of relying solely on winning bids.

Harry Carter

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